The military recruitment process is broken. We want to make it less broken. That’s why we founded RateTheMilitary.

What you’ll find here is a community that connects people who know a lot about the military (active service members) with people who want to know more about the military (prospective service members).

What’s it like to be a Cryptologic Linguist in the Air Force? Or what about an Ammunition Specialist in the Army? How about a Combat Engineer in the Marines? You can find answers to these important questions and many more from people who are living them day in and day out.

Active Service Members. Share your wisdom and experience with the next generation of service members. What do you wish you would have done differently? What to watch out for? What are your daily responsibilities? Provide information that you would have wanted to know before enlisting.

Prospective Service Members. Do your homework. Read as many reviews as you can and don’t limit yourself to one particular branch or profession. There are over 900 professions in the military, so make sure you find something that’s the right fit for you before you enlist.

The bottom line is that the military offers many great opportunities to receive specialized training, serve your country and embark down a rewarding and honorable career path. Connect with industry leaders and make sure you find your true calling. Welcome to RateTheMilitary.