Job Description: Perform as Religious Ministry Professionals in support of the Professional Naval Chaplaincy (PNC); provide Religious Ministry (RM) for Navy and Marine Corps personnel and their families of all faith groups; facilitate the free exercise of religion for all Sea Service personnel; support delivery of care as part of a Religious Ministry Team (RMT); and advise leadership on morale, ethical decision-making issues, and cross cultural awareness.

  • Branch Branch: Navy
  • Ratings Average Rating:
  • Desinnation Designation: RP
  • Average Required Test Average Salary: $40,769
  • Entry Type Entry Type: Enlisted
  • Required Test ASVAB: VE+MK= 105
  • Degree Degree: High School or GED
  • Age Age: 17-39
  • Citizen Citizen: U.S. or Permanent Resident
  • Category Category: Administration, deck, technical, and weapons
Average Age
29 Average Age
Average Age
788 Number Employed
Average Age
7.0 YearsAverage Employment