Job Description: A pilot’s ability to process information and make quick decisions is crucial to completing their mission. Their success hinges on highly sophisticated avionics systems. Responsible for maintaining and repairing these systems, Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics specialists ensure that pilots can receive the information they need to successfully operate their aircraft. Keeping a trained eye on everything from communications systems to flight controls, these experts are critical to the advancement and safety of our missions.

  • Branch Branch: Air Force
  • Ratings Average Rating:
  • Desinnation Designation: 2A3X4
  • Average Required Test Average Salary:
  • Entry Type Entry Type: Enlisted
  • Required Test ASVAB:
  • Degree Degree: High School or GED
  • Age Age: 17-39
  • Citizen Citizen: U.S. or Permanent Resident
  • Category Category: Maintenance & Logistics
Average Age
28 Average Age
Average Age
2,116 Number Employed
Average Age
7.0 YearsAverage Employment