Job Description: Responsible for securely managing cargo and passengers, Air Transportation specialists ensure that everything and everyone on a military aircraft is transported safely and quickly. From food and medical supplies to helicopters and ground vehicles, these professionals are responsible for coordinating the valuable people and supplies we ship around the world.

  • Branch Branch: Air Force
  • Ratings Average Rating:
  • Desinnation Designation: 2T2X1
  • Average Required Test Average Salary:
  • Entry Type Entry Type: Enlisted
  • Required Test ASVAB:
  • Degree Degree: High School or GED
  • Age Age: 17-39
  • Citizen Citizen: U.S. or Permanent Resident
  • Category Category: Transportation and Vehicle Management
Average Age
28 Average Age
Average Age
4,655 Number Employed
Average Age
7.0 YearsAverage Employment